The Occitanie

Previously called the Languedoc Roussillon region, the OCCITANIE region incorporates the Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon regions and their 13 départements.


If you like the beach, and in particular nature, if you love old buildings or pretty villages, if you are a foodie or an explorer: then welcome to Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée! As vast as a country, our region provides all the treasures, charms and tastes you could wish for.

Here you can enjoy sea and mountains, villages and castles, vineyards and sun, over 300 days a year!

Sainte Marie: a beach town

Sainte Marie is a great choice for a family holiday! The location offers a variety of activities all year round: daytime or night-time, you will never be bored! Its kind inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle make it a unique location. Its « Pavillon bleue » awarded beaches are another reason for its great reputation.



The coast is primarily sandy. It is "La Marenda”: long sandy beaches with rushes and dunes; 190 km of beach is waiting for you – so you can lay down your towel in total tranquillity.

On leaving Sainte Marie, you can discover protected nature sites where fishing cabins built from reeds border the ponds. After a while you will also find wonderful, picturesque marinas which come to life with the rising sun, revealing the beauty of the Mediterranean.

Nearby, you can discover the jewels of the Côte Vermeille with its coves full of fish in the transparent water. A snorkel mask is all you need to discover the marine flora. Wandering around, you will notice splendid vineyards flanking the hillsides.


Perpignan welcomes you onto its beaches of fine sand. Come and discover this beautiful city and enjoy Perpignan’s unique cultural riches: its traditions, its terrain, its art and its patrimony. The historic city of Perpignan boasts many monuments: le Castillet, le Palais des rois de Majorque or la Loge de mer. Its splendid architecture is sure to wow you.


In less than an hour’s journey, you can even reach Spain, and why not continue your journey to Barcelona and discover the whole of Catalonia.

benvinguda al Sainte Marie!