Our history

Our history… your memories!


Founded, over 50 years ago by André and Marguerite Bauer, the Sainte Marie campsite has been passed down from generation to generation with the same fervour as my great-grandparents showed: a family campsite where children and parents can rest and enjoy the Mediterranean sun!

With my father Antoine Bauer, and a faithful and committed team, we are carrying on the tradition with a modern spin. Today, we offer family holidays on a leafy site over 50 years old, which we care for every day, working hard to surprise you each year. The mini-farm, inflatables, and water park are just a few examples of this.

The beauty of this grand space at the end of the coastal road makes for a completely unique coastal campsite! It is all we can do to respect the site, welcome you with all our enthusiasm and, why not, transmit a bit of our passion over to you!

Choosing Camping Le sainte Marie, will mean totally peaceful holidays that children and parents will love! We would be delighted to be a part of your photo albums and create unforgettable memories with you…

Looking forward to welcoming you,

Michel BAUER


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